Thursday, February 23, 2012

How many angels can you fit on the head of a pin?


SNAP does not and cannot mitigate the noise in the Burleith/Georgetown neighborhood as they only work twelve hours a week.  This party was at 9:30 PM and so SNAP wasn't available and the DC Police no longer respond as they collect their overtime from "Rocky", GU's celebrated police chief. WTF?

These particular students moved the party inside after they found they were being recorded but not until they had pissed off half the neighborhood.  What's with the shouting?  Is that supposed to be  Oh you're drunk so we are supposed to listen?  The Zoning Commission seems to think that the University can "mitigate"this noise,  There is a much talked about noise law.  So far, three tickets have been given in a year.  On campus, there were over 450 DWI and another 400 noise citations handed out last year.  That's according to GU's own publications.

it's only gotten worse as the University has increased in size from 6500 total in 1992 to a new total of 13000 plus.  It's a numbers game and the University should be made to reduce its numbers as the Office of Planning suggested.