Saturday, June 27, 2020


pandemic parties  

It's 2020 and we have a new group of Drunken Georgetown Students yelling, screaming and jammed together on an elevated deck.  We're lucky when they start drinking early in the day and pass out early. They party regularly until 1AM a couple of nights a week. No one wears a mask and they are loud and drunk. Unlike most of the students (and contrary to GU's stated aims) , these assholes have chosen to to stay on and spread the pandemic. 

The neighborhood just received a letter from Georgetown on their student housing plans for next year. They are offloading their problems on the neighborhood. And those students are rudely throwing parties and offloading germs.  DC has been relatively successful in controlling the Virus and it is amazing that Georgetown is allowing this hotspot to fester. To let these yahoos throw parties regularly where everyone is not wearing a mask is dangerous.  As to the noise, it's intolerable and rude and a call to 911 seems a better option than SNAP.  The DC option has a considerable fine attached.

Monday, May 6, 2013

I was born in the South Pacific

1900 37th Street NW, DC 20007
As I walked out of my house on Saturday AM, this young man was telling the policeman (who had his hand on his gun) that he had been born in the South Pacific...hence his propensity for getting naked and throwing bricks.

This may be a new low in behavior standards for Georgetown if there are any.  This naked man was throwing bricks at cars and brandishing a garden hose. Not surprisingly,  he came from 1900 37th Street NW (pictured).  While the occupants of the house claim not to know the fellow, he sure looked like he had been invited.  As he was arrested,  the occupants didn't make much of it. After disturbing the neighborhood all Friday night and then having the arrest on their property, they went on drinking, hooting and high-fiving each other through Saturday afternoon.  They then drove off  about six PM to  date some lucky young woman.

It could be another funny incident involving drunks except that the policeman had his hand on his gun and was clearly upset.  In the end, four police cars and eight policeman were involved and the cost to the community was probably close to a thousand dollars in police time alone.  There have been over twenty incidents at this house over the past year and the cost to taxpayers has been in the tens of thousands.  How's that Community Partnership coming along?  How's the survey doing?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

1912 37th Street NW

This party went on from 2-6 PM. As I passed by and briefly noted, a young man was throwing a beer can at a window. The police were called twice. The Zoning Department will be notified on Monday of the six parking spaces which are rented out to parties other than residents of the house. Good luck with that.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

First Nationwide Property Management

A shout out to First Nationwide Property Management, MacArthur Blvd, Washington, DC.   (202 251-7500) who manages 1900 37th Street, Washiington, DC 20007.   While most landlords have made civilized behavior a part of the lease, First Nationwide has built a fence and seemingly encourages large drunken parties.  I wonder how many properties they "manage" in the area and what the correlation is between behavior and "First Nationwide."  There's a neighborhood meeting this coming Thursday and perhaps First Nationwide would like to show up and discuss the situation.  "Rod 'I have no last name'" of First Nationwide wasn't so happy about being discovered near the property this week and disavowed all knowledge of it.  

Mark C. Foehr, the owner of the 1900 37th Street NW, Washington, DC 20007 property hides behind the tax rolls which show his address as the house.  I'd like share my pain and encourage my neighbors to use the above number to call First Nationwide when there is a party. If anyone has Mr. Foehr's address, please send it and I will post it for neighborhood consumption.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

We throw parties despite you!

1900 37th Street has had repeated parties and Georgetown University seems to be unable to do anything about it or doesn't care to.  They don't get much ruder than this bunch who seems to feel the need to host a party anytime they can.