Saturday, June 27, 2020


pandemic parties  

It's 2020 and we have a new group of Drunken Georgetown Students yelling, screaming and jammed together on an elevated deck.  We're lucky when they start drinking early in the day and pass out early. They party regularly until 1AM a couple of nights a week. No one wears a mask and they are loud and drunk. Unlike most of the students (and contrary to GU's stated aims) , these assholes have chosen to to stay on and spread the pandemic. 

The neighborhood just received a letter from Georgetown on their student housing plans for next year. They are offloading their problems on the neighborhood. And those students are rudely throwing parties and offloading germs.  DC has been relatively successful in controlling the Virus and it is amazing that Georgetown is allowing this hotspot to fester. To let these yahoos throw parties regularly where everyone is not wearing a mask is dangerous.  As to the noise, it's intolerable and rude and a call to 911 seems a better option than SNAP.  The DC option has a considerable fine attached.