The Georgetown Dish has been keeping score and you can see a list of the various articles written on the Drunken Georgetown Students controversy...that's of course provided your vision isn't so blurred with alcohol and your hands are shaking from the DT's. SEE THE DISH COUNT!

Georgetown Dish 2010
Media coverage of the off-campus behavior of Georgetown University students and its expansion plans reached a mini-frenzy last week. 
The local and national media couldn’t resist covering the objectionable actions of some off-campus students as captured on the blog, created by Burleith photographer Stephen R. Brown, and the closely related town-gown controversy over the University’s plan to greatly expand the student body without new on-campus housing.
The Washington Post weighed in online and in print for a total of three articles, two on April 30th and one the next day in a fitting new blog called "Campus Overload." NBC4 headlined it:"Website Documents Hoyas Gone Wild." The Georgetown Current ran it on their front page on April 28 and local TV news stations ABC7 and Fox5 did stories, as did MSNBC. From the campus, the Hoya and Vox Populi posted items, then picked up by The Huffington Post.
The stories are listed below, via Mike to DeBonis, former LL Daily mainstay, now with The Washington Post.  What you did every weekday was truly extra ordinary – and sorely missed.
April 30: Local Living, Neighbors aim to block Georgetown U. development planor, in print version, Some groups oppose Georgetown U. development plan.
April 30: Campus Overload blog, 1789: How do G'town students know this?
May 1Blogging neighbor and partying Georgetown students clashor in print version, Brown v. Horde of Education: a Georgetown battle
The Huffington Post
The Georgetown Current
Vox Populi
ABC7 News