DEAR LANDLORD (sample letter)

Dear Neighbor or Landlord

I am sending you this letter and a packet containing excerpts from the blog “Drunken Georgetown Students”.   If you search Google, you will see that as of last night has “29,000 references in other websites” and is apparently getting 4000 plus hits per day.  
I am consulting with an attorney about a harassment suit based on the “right of quiet enjoyment….” While I may or may not succeed, as I told Dean Jeanne Lord, if your students keep me up at night, then I might as well do something so these hours are productive.  If you think the houses in the censored pictures are familiar, they are yours.

This letter today is a note asking you to put a bit more time into scouting the behavior patterns of potential renters and perhaps limiting the number of students.  As it’s difficult to exercise any control over renters, I will be campaigning to have the law changed to “four occupants per house.  It may not result in much more quiet but it will give us one-third less noise and will certainly make it more difficult for you to profit off your investment. 

Some of you are my former neighbors who sold because of the noise coming from the other side of the street. I would hope that you can monitor the general behavior of your student and “young professionals” that occupy your house. 

I am keeping a record and calling 911 on every incident. This year, between 1906 and 1920 37th Street, there have been ninety-three 911 calls so your collective investments represent an enormous drain on the community and the District which can deny as well as grant housing permits based on the complaints.  In addition, most of you don’t have the proper licensing so I will be aggressively pursuing all of these avenues of  “quiet enjoyment of premises.”

I hope you will work with me on this. 

Stephen R. Brown
PS:  The Georgetown Dish has chronicled the amount of media covering this at: