A scathing review of  "Drunken Georgetown Students" by the Editorial Board of the Hoya pushed DGS to the top of the search engine displays on Google when you search "georgetown students." Thanks.  I needed the traffic.

I'll be looking for those so-called  Community Leaders!  And waiting for the "Georgetown Community Partnership" to step up to the plate on these Raves.  Lets not call them parties because they're not.  They  can be heard for a block in every direction and so negate any expectation of privacy. 

This Fall, there were twenty days of ten-hour long Raves.  The neighborhood (students and citizens alike) was held captive every Thursday night,  Friday, Saturday and Sunday for ten hours a day...more time than you spend in class! 

These recordings are destined for the Zoning Commission and the Office of Planning  so your editorial thoughts about "hostility" are incorrect.  They are matters of record and have already been submitted to the "Community Partnership".  If you are offended, so am I.  It's an insult to all of us and I am glad that you are paying attention. I am sure you are going to write an editorial about student conduct that negatively affects the University's image. 

I am a journalist. It doesn't take but a minute to film a clip and post it.  I also pick up random garbage as that doesn't take much time either. For the most part, I ignore these parties so these clips are only a sampling.   I hope your lofty editorial weight brings community and student leaders to address these problems...especially this Spring when they'll be needed.   

Below is a screen shot of this mornings search on Google.  Thanks again to the "Editorial Board."